Who Can Play?

Teams consist of two to eight players, depending upon the game. The suggested minimum age to play is 10 years old and minors under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.  If your team has four or fewer players and you have not booked the entire room, there is a chance that others may join you for the game. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 

There is no heavy lifting, climbing, or intense physical activity required.  Escape rooms are about problem solving, deductive reasoning, and team work.

Please note that we will not allow anyone to play who is visibly intoxicated.  Your admission fee will not be refunded.  Save the celebrating for after the game.  


Are we locked into the room?

You are only "virtually" locked into the room.  At no point are you or your team members actually locked in (Neither the Fire Marshal or insurance company like the idea).  We will be monitoring the room through cameras and you will receive a call button to call for assistance.

You're taking my cell phone?!

No, actually you are.  When you arrive you'll place your cell phone into a lock box and take it with you into the game room.  We'll have the key waiting for you when you come out.  This helps us protect the integrity of the game -- you wouldn't want to ruin the fun for others, right? 

What if we get stuck?

You can ask for hints at any time during the game.  We do keep a Top Times record board, so each hint after the first "free" one costs you a minute. 

Booking Policy

RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED AT LEAST TWO HOURS IN ADVANCE and may be made up to eight weeks prior to your scheduled visit.   Our  hours are Friday and Saturday 2PM-8PM, and Sunday Noon-4PM.  

If you're running late, please keep in mind that we can only hold your room for 15 minutes.  

When you make your reservation online you will be paying in full.  Refunds are only given if the reservation is cancelled with 24 hours notice.